Friday, March 15, 2013

Agathis Dammara

A. Dammara, young tree
Family : Araucariaceae
Genus : Agathis
Common or local names : Amboyna pitch tree, damar, Kisi, Salo, Dayungon, Kauri pine,  Bindang, Tulong, Almaciga, Bidiango, Bagtik, Son-khaomao, Dammara orientalis.

Agathis dammara is a medium or large evergreen coniferous tree   reaching a height of 40-60 m ( 120 -180 ft), native to South East Asia. This tree is a source of dammar gum. Dammar gum (mixed with turpentine) used to produce dammar varnish. Dammar also used in foods as as a clouding or glazing agent.

Diospyros blancoi

Diospyros blancoi.

Family : Ebenaceae
Genus : Diospyros
Synonyms : Diospyros discolor Willd., nom. illeg.
Diospyros philippensis (Desr.) Guerke
Common / local names : velvet apple, mabolo, kamagong, bisbul, hong nhung, marit.

Diospyros blancoi is an evergreen, edible fruit tree, native to South East Asia (philipina) but widely distributed and cultivated  in other tropical countries. It is also distributed in Taiwan.

Diospyros blancoi is a large tree reaching a height of 32 m (96 ft) with trunk diameter 50-80 cm ( 150-240 ft).