Friday, March 15, 2013

Agathis Dammara

A. Dammara, young tree

Family : Araucariaceae
Genus : Agathis
Common or local names : Amboyna pitch tree, damar, Kisi, Salo, Dayungon, Kauri pine,  Bindang, Tulong, Almaciga, Bidiango, Bagtik, Son-khaomao, Dammara orientalis.

Agathis dammara is a medium or large evergreen coniferous tree   reaching a height of 40-60 m ( 120 -180 ft), native to South East Asia. This tree is a source of dammar gum. Dammar gum (mixed with turpentine) used to produce dammar varnish. Dammar also used in foods as as a clouding or glazing agent.