Saturday, September 25, 2010

Solenostemon scutellarioides (Coleus)

Coleus blumei, height : 45 cm (1.5 ft)

Common names : Coleus, Welewaka, Flame Nettle, Painted Nettle
Family: Lamiaceae
Synonym: Solenostemon blumei, Coleus blumei, Ocimum scutellarioides.

Solenostemon scutellarioides, known as coleaus, is a popular houseplant used as an ornamental shrub for its colorful foliage. It is an exotic tender perennial native to  Southeast Asia.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Ficus lutea ( Big leaved Fig)

Ficus lutea, height : 6 m (20 ft)

Common names :  Big leaved Fig, Vogel's Fig.
Family: Moraceae
Height : up to 20 m ( 67 ft) tall.
Syn: Ficus baronii, Ficus nekbudu, Ficus utilis, Ficus vogelii

Ficus lutea is  native to South Africa, Senegal, Ethiopia,  Madagascar and Mascarene Islands. It has been introduced throughout the tropics as an ornamental shade tree.  The leaves are very large in size, ranging from 13 to 43 cm ( 18") in length and up to 20 cm (8")  in width. Ficus lutea is a fast-growing evergreen tree.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Latania loddigesii Mart.(Blue Latan Palm)

Mature tree, height :  about12 m (40 ft)

 height :  about 6 m (20 ft)

Common name : Blue Latan Palm
Synonym: Latania glaucophylla
Family: Arecaceae
Min. Temperature:  -3°C to -1.5°C (26 - 29°F)

Latania loddigesii is a species of lantan palm native to Mauritus Island. It is cultivated mainly as an ornamental fan palm. It has attractive blue fan leaves with a compact crown. Latania loddigesii grows slowly to 12 m (40 ft).

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Barringtonia asiatica (Sea poison tree)

Medium-sized tree 
(transparent .png 1.04 mg)

Box fruit

Common names: Sea putat, sea poison tree, box fruit tree.
Synonym: Barringtonia speciosa
Foliage : evergreen.

Barringtonia asiatica is a medium or large tree growing to 12–25 m (40-83 ft) tall. This plat is native to mangrove habitats on the tropical coasts and islands of the Indian Ocean and western Pacific Ocean. It is widely cultivated in the tropics as ornamental shade or street tree. All parts of the tree are poisonous, the active poisons including saponins. 

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Phoenix loureirii (Loureiro's Date Palm)

Actual height: 4 m (13 ft)
(png image, 1.18 mb)

Common names : Loureiro's Date Palm, Mountain Date Palm.
Family : Arecaceae
Syn. : Phoenix humilis, P. hanceana.

Originating from Taiwan, Hongkong, Philipines, India and southern Bhutan, this palm resembles a dwarf Phoneix canariensis. Phoenix loureirii is less cold hardy than Phoenix canariensis, but still can survive only a few degrees of frost. It can grow up to  20 ft ( 6 m) tall.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Artocarpus altilis (Breadfruit)

Medium tree, height : 12 m (40 ft)

Common & local names  : Breadfruit, broodvrucht, fruit a pain, castana, sukun, kluwe, kulur, fruta pao, arbodel pan, mazapan.
Family :  Moraceae (Mulberry)
Syn : Artocarpus incisus

Artocarpus altilis is a species of flowering plant native to   the western Pasific Islands, New Guine and Indo-Malay Archipelago, but now widely cultivated  throughout the tropics. It is a fast growing evergreen tree, reaching 85 ft (26 m) in height. 

Monday, August 9, 2010

Pithecellobium dulce (Madras Thorn)

Height : 6 m (20 ft)

Common names : Madras Thorn, Manila 'Tamarind', Blackbead.
Local names : Cuauhmochitl, Opiuma, Guamúchil, Kamachile,kataiya
Family : Fabaceae.
Max-height : 12 m (40 ft)
Min. temperature :  -1.1 °C (30 °F)
Syn : Mimosa dulcis Roxb, Acacia obliquifolia, Albizia dulcis.

Pithecellobium dulce is native to Mexico, Nothern South America and Central America.  It has spread from its native range and become invasive in some countries. It has been introduced into Southeast Asia , Florida, Guam and the Pacific. Pithecellobium dulce is commonly cultivated in tropical regions as a shade or street tree

Saturday, August 7, 2010


Genus: Agave.
Family: Agavaceae

Agaves are succulents with a large rosette of thick fleshy leaves, usually end with a sharp point and a spiny margin. There are more 200 species of Agave recognised. Various species are known as popular ornamental plants.

Agave americana marginata.

Agave angustifolia marginata

Agave victoria reginae
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original : 2200x1800 px

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Livistona muelleri

L. muelleri, height : 6 - 7 m ( 20 ft- 23 ft).

Common name : Queensland Dwarf Fan Palm
Family: Arecaceae
Foliage : Evergreen.
Max-height : 9 m ( 30 ft)

Livistona muelleri is a slow-growing fan palm native to New Guinea and Australia (North East Queensland). It can grow up to 9 m ( 30 ft) tall, but usually only about 4 m  (13 ft) high.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Latania verschaffeltii (Yellow Latan Palm)

mature tall tree , height : about  9-10 m ( 30-33 ft)

Young tree

Common name : Yellow Latan Palm
Family :  Arecaceae
Minimum temperature: -1°C (30°F)
Foliage : evergreen.

Latania verschaffeltii is  is a species of flowering plant native to Rodrigues Island,  Mautitus. It grows slowly to about 12 m (40 feet) tall.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Esente ventricosum ( Ethiopian Red Banana)

Potted young  tree 

Common names : Ethiopian Red Banana, False Banana or Ethiopian Banana.
Family: Musaceae (banana family)
Max-height : 6 m (20 ft)
Foliage : evergreen.

Ensete ventricosum is native to tropical East Africa from Ethiopia to Angola. This plant is similar to a banana, but it is not a banana. Fruits look like little dry bananas but are not edible. Ensete ventricosum is widely cultivated as an ornamental house plant in tropics and subtropics.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Cassia alata (Candle Bush)

Cassia alata, height : 1.2 m (4 ft)

Common names :
Candle Bush, Candelabra Bush, Ringworm Cassia,Empress Candle Plant, wild senna, candlestick senna.
Local names :  Tarantana, Ketepeng kebo, Akapulco, Gelenggang, Fleur palmiste, Guajava.
Syn : Senna alata.
Family : Caesalpinaceae

Cassia alata is an ornamental flowering bush native to Mexico or Suriname.It is a fast growing perennial shrub grows up to 1.7 m or 6' tall. Cassia alata also known as an important medicinal plant.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Caryota urens (Toddy Palm)

Height : 8 m (27 ft)

Caryota urens

Common names : toddy fishtail palm, jaggery palm, solitary fishtail palm.
Lacal name : Kithul (Srilanka), Moha-karin (Sanskrit).
Family: Arecacea/Palmae.
Max- height : 12 m (40 ft).

Caryota urens is a fast growing feather leaf palm native to Sri Lanka, India, Myanmar, Burma. It is resembles a single trunked Caryota mitis (fishtail palm).

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Pachypodium lamerei (Madagascar "Palm")

Pachypodium lamerei as a houseplant, height :1,2 m (4 ft)

Common name : Madagascar "Palm"
Family: Apocynaceae

Pachypodium lamerei is a stem succulent native to Southern Madagascar. It has a thick, spiny gray trunk which can grow up to 4,5 m or 15 ft tall in nature.  Pachypodium lamerei also known as Madagascar Palm, despite in not being a palm at all.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Platycerium (Staghorn ferns)

Common names : staghorn ferns, elkhorn ferns
Family : Polypodiaceae.

Platycerium is a genus of about 18 fern species, native to the tropical America, Southeast Asia, Australia, Africa, New Guinea.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Coccothrinax crinita (old man palm)

Small plant, height : 3 ft.

Common names : Old man palm, thatch palm.
Local names : guano barbudo, guano petate.
Family : Arecaceae.

Coccothrinax crinita  is a slow growing fan palm native to Cuba. This plant widely cultivated as an ornamental garden plant and the leaves are used for thatch. Coccothrinax crinita grow up to 20 ft in height. The fruit is black, 0.7-2 cm in diameter.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Calliandra haematocephala ( Red Powder Puff )

Calliandra haematocephalam, height : 6 ft

Common name : Red Powder Puff
Syn:Calliandra inaequilatera
Family: Mimosaceae
Genus: Calliandra

Calliandra haematocephala is  tropical or subtropical perennial shrub that can grow up to 3-5 m ( 10-16 ft). This is a fast growing shrub. The flowers are attractive to bees, butterflies, hummingbirds. Calliandra haematocephala is native to the India,  Madagascar, South America.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Acacia Mangium (Black Wattle)


Young tree, height about : 4 m (13 ft).

Common names : Black Wattle, Hickory Wattle, Mangium, Brown Salwood.
Local names : mangga hutan, mangium, zamprano, Kratin-tepa
Syn : Racosperma mangium
Family : Fabaceae
Genus : Acacia.

Acacia mangium is a fast growing tree native to northeastern Queensland (Australia), Mollucas (Indonesia), Papua or Papua New Guinea. This tree grows up to 30 metres (98 ft) tall, and the diameter exceeds 50 cm (20 in).

Monday, May 31, 2010

Averrhoa Bilimbi

Height : 4 m (13 ft)

Common /local names : Balimbing, Blim-blim, Bilimbi, Belimbing, Biling ,Bambiri, Iba, Sorrel, Soure, Kamias, Khe Teu, also known as Cucumber tree, Pickle Fruit.
Family : Oxalidaceae.

Averrhoa bilimbi is a perennial tree native to the Moluccas (Indonesia), but now widely cultivated in many other tropical regions. Averrhoa bilimbi can grow up to 10 m (33 ft) tall. This cold sensitive plant is a close relative of the carambola, of genus Averrhoa, family Oxalidaceae.

Ficus religiosa (Sacred Fig)

Young tree, height : 2 m (6.5 ft)

Medium tree

Common names : Sacred Fig, Bo Tree.
Local names : Pipal (Hindi),  Vṛiksha (Sanskrit),  Assattha (Pali).
Family: Moraceae

Ficus religiosa is a species of banyan fig tree native to India, Nepal, Southeast Asia, IndoChina and Southwest China. It is a large semi evergreen tree which can grow up to 30 m (100 ft) in height (with a trunk diameter of up to 3 m or 10 ft). The leaves are 10-17 cm (4-7 inch) long and 8-12 (3-5 inch) broad eith a 5-10 ( 2.5 -4 inch) petiole.

This plant is considered sacred by the adherents of Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism. It is said that under this tree Siddhartha Gautama achieved enlightenment.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Ficus Virens (White Fig)

F. virens var.  sublanceolata.
 Actual height : about 6 m (20 ft)

Actual height : about 9 m (30 ft)

Large tree, actual height : 15 m (50 ft)

Common name: White Fig.
Local names : Sour Fig, Deciduous Fig, Pikhan, Pakhad, Kurugatti, Iprik (?).
Syn : Ficus infectoria.
Family : Moraceae

Ficus virens is a deciduous fig tree native to  India, southeast Asia, and  Northern Australia. It is a large tree growing up to 30 m tall. The leaves are 5 to 22 cm long and 2.5 to 6 cm wide. The petioles are long and narrow, 3- 10 cm in length. New leaves have a purple/reddish or bronze color.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Duranta Erecta (Golden Dewdrop)


Common names : Golden Dewdrop, Pigeon Berry, Skyflower.
Syn : Duranta repens (?)

Duranta erecta is a perennial shrub native to the tropical Americas. It is widely cultivated as an ornamental bush or hedge throughout the tropics and subtropics

Thursday, April 15, 2010

FIcus Triangularis (Triangle Fig)

height :  4 m (13 ft)

Common name :  triangle fig
Family: Moraceae

Ficus triangularis is a small fig tree native to Southeast Asia.  Its leaves are  triangular- shaped, shinydark green and thick

Monday, April 12, 2010

Ficus Microcarpa (Chinese Banyan Tree)

Ficus microcarpa 
height :  5 m

Ficus microcarpa 
Height : 7 m (25 ft)

Ficus microcarpa 
Small tree : 1.5 m

Variegated Ficus Microcarpa,  height :  20 ft

Syn : Ficus Nitida.
Common names : Malayan or Chinese Banyan, Indian Laurel, Curtain Fig.
Family: Moraceae

Ficus microcarpa is commmonly used as an ornamental tree or street side trees in warm climates. This plant is native to Southeast Asia, India, southern China, the Ryukyu Islands, Australia, and New Caledonia. Ficus microcarpa is a fast growing plant, easy maintenance, and grow up to 20 m high (width : 100 ft). It can be combined with variegated Ficus sagittata to produce  a nicely variegated landscape garden.

Ficus Platypoda ( Rock fig).

Young tree, height : 2 m

Common names : desert fig, rock fig.
Family : Moraceae
Genus : Ficus

Ficus platypoda is small evergreen tree native to Australia & Indonesia. This plant has oval waxyleaves and usually grows to only 9 m tall.

Sunday, April 4, 2010


Furcrarea is native to tropical Mexico, Central America, northern South America, the Caribbean, and belonging to the family Agavaceae.  Popular species : Furcraea foetida, Furcraea selloa, Furcraea hexapetala , Furcraea tuberosa .

Furcrarea Foetida (Mauritius Hemp)

Furcrarea Foetida Variegata.
Furcrarea Foetida Variegata.

Synonyms: Furcraea gigantea, Agave gigantea.
Common names : False Agave, Mauritius Hemp, Giant Cabuya.

Furcrarea Selloa (Wild Sisal)



Common mames : Wild Sisal

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Filicium decipiens (Japanese Fern Tree)

Filicium decipiens 01

transparent png
Filicum decipiens  02

Common name :  Japanese Fern Tree or Deceiving Fern Tree
Family : Sapindaceae
Genus : Filicium

Filicium decipiens is an evergreen tree native to Southeast Asia, India, tropical Africa. It's called 'Japanese Fern Tree' because of its large fern like leaves. It is a moderate slow grower which can reach up to 40 feet in height. Filicium decipiens is very dense which makes it widely planted as shade tree.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Dypsis madagascariensis

Actual height : 1.5 m  (5 ft)

Syn : Dypsis lucubensis,  Chrysalidocarpus lucubensis

DYPSIS MADAGASCARIENSIS is native to Madagascar. It is a medium sized  clustering / solitary palm, growing to 3 - 9 m tall.  Another name is Dypsis ankaizinenis.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Sansevieria is a genus of about 70 species of flowering plants in the family Ruscaceae. These plants are suitable for growing indoors.

Sansevieria trifasciata ( Snake Plant)

Sansevieria trifasciata Laurentii (var. Snake Plant)

Sansevieria trifasciata - also known as  Snake Plant, is an evergreen herbaceous succulent native to tropical Africa. It has stiff sword-shaped leaves, which grow vertically. Another common name is rmother-in-law's tongue.

Sansevieria personii

Sansevieria personii var.

Sansevieria cylindrica

Sansevieria cylindrica, potted.

Sansevieria cylindrica -also known as the Cylindrical Snake plant or Spear Sansevieria  is  native to Angola.

Sansevieria erythraeae (schweinfurthii)

Sansevieria erythraeae (?)

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Tabebuia Aurea ( "Caribbean" Trumpet Tree )

Trumpet tree

Common name : "Caribbean" Trumpet Tree
Family: Bignoniaceae

Tabebuia Aurea is a deciduous tree native to South America (i.e Barzil, Suriname, Bolivia, Paeru, Northern Argentina, Paraguay). It is a small tree growing to 8- 9 m ( 30 ft) tall. The leaves are palmately compound, with five or seven leaflets which will fall before the flowers bloom in early spring or late winter. Tabebuia aurea prefers full sun and well drained soil.