Monday, April 12, 2010

Ficus Microcarpa (Chinese Banyan Tree)

Ficus microcarpa 
height :  5 m

Ficus microcarpa 
Height : 7 m (25 ft)

Ficus microcarpa 
Small tree : 1.5 m

Variegated Ficus Microcarpa,  height :  20 ft

Syn : Ficus Nitida.
Common names : Malayan or Chinese Banyan, Indian Laurel, Curtain Fig.
Family: Moraceae

Ficus microcarpa is commmonly used as an ornamental tree or street side trees in warm climates. This plant is native to Southeast Asia, India, southern China, the Ryukyu Islands, Australia, and New Caledonia. Ficus microcarpa is a fast growing plant, easy maintenance, and grow up to 20 m high (width : 100 ft). It can be combined with variegated Ficus sagittata to produce  a nicely variegated landscape garden.