Monday, November 23, 2009

Muntingia calabura (Jamaican Cherry)

Height : 4 m ( 13 ft)
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Height : 4 m (13 ft)

Common & local names :
Jamaican cherry, Cherry Tree, kersen (Indonesia), aratilis (Philipine), cacaniqua, capulĂ­n blanco, nigua, niguito, memizo, bolaina yamanaza (Spanish), kerukup Siam (Malay)

Famili: Muntingiaceae

Muntingia calabura is native to southern Mexico, Central America,the Caribbean, South America. It is  a fast-growing perrenial which has white flowers and light red edible fruits. The fruits are eaten in Mexico (and some other tropical regions) and sold in the markets. The flowers are used as an antiseptic.

Muntingia calabura is a small shade tree 7-12 meters tall, which can grow in poor soil. Its seeds are dispersed by birds and bats.