Thursday, September 24, 2009

Ravenala Madagascariensis (Traveller's Tree)

mature tree, height : 7-8 m (25 ft)

mature tree, height : 7-8 m (25 ft)

height : 10 m (33 ft)

Common name : Traveller's Tree (or Palm)
Family: Strelitziaceae

Ravenala Madagascariensis, also known as Traveller's Palm, is native to Madagascar. It is not a palm at all, but a member of Strelitziaceae (the bird-of-paradise family). Ravanela Madagascariensis is widely cultivated as an ornamental garden plant. It has been given the name traveller's tree or palm because the sheaths of the stems hold rainwater which can be used as an emergency drinking supply. This awesome plant is attractive to butterflies and birds.

Terminalia Catappa ( Indian Almond )

Young tree, height : 4  (13 ft )

Young tree, height : 2.4  (8 ft )

Mediun tree, height: about 9 m (30 ft)

Common & local names :
Indian Almond, Sea Almond tree, Ketapang, Ebelebo, Talisay, Zanmande.
Family: Combretaceae

Terminalia catappa is a large ornamental tree, grows to 35 m (118 ft) tall.  The leaves are large, 15–25 cm ( 5.9–9.8 inlong and 10-15 cm  (3.9–5.5 in) wide.  Fallen leaves are used as a herb in some countries.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Dracaena Deremensis.

Height :  1.2-1.5 m ( 4 ft).

D Deremensia 'Janet Craig' Height :  1 m ( 3.3 ft).

Common name : Corn plant, Draceana (green).
Family : Agavaceae
Origin : Africa

Dracaena deremensis grows as an 8 to 12 feet unbranched rosette of evergreen leaves, though some cultivars are variegated in a white to grey-green color. Dracaena deremensis has also been shown by the NASA Clean Air Study to help remove chemicals such as Formaldehyde as well as xylene and toluene. (soure : wikipedia)

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Ficus Elastica (Rubber Fig)

Young tree, height : about 5-6 m (20 ft)

Height : about 6 m (20 ft)

Common names:  rubber fig, rubber bush, Indian rubber plant.

This plant is native to northeast India (Assam), south to Indonesia (Sumatra and Java). In indonesia, this plant also called "karet munding". It is a fat bush in the banyan group of figs, growing to 30–40 or 60 metres height.

Rhapis excelsa ( Broadleaf Lady Palm )

Height : 1 m ( 3.3 ft)

Height : 90 cm ( 3 ft)

Rhapis excelsa , variegated
Image resolution : 600x520 px
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Common names : Broadleaf Lady Palm or Bamboo Palm.
Syn  Rhapis flabelliformis
Family: Arecacea/Palmae (palm Family)
Max-height : 4 m ( 13 ft)

Rhapis exelsa  is native to  Southeast China. The genus name - " rhapis" - is Greek, meaning "needle". The species name is Latin for "tall", in spite of the fact that the plant is not the tallest in the genus.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Zamia Furturacea (Carborad Palm /Cycad)

Zamia Furturacea 

Zamia Furturacea , potted.

Common names :  Cardboard Palm, Cardboard Sago, Jamaican Palm, Mexican Cycad.
Family : Zamiaceae.

Commonly known as Cardboard Palm, although not a palmtree. Zamia Furturacea  is a  cycad native to eastern Mexico, widely cultivated as an ornamental plant in tropical and sub-tropical areas. It is also known as the poisonous plant.

Nephrolepis sp (Sword fern)

Conmon name : Sword fern.
Family : Lomariopsidaceae, Davalliaceae.

There are  of about 30 species  of  Nephrolepis, which native to tropical (and subtropical) regions throughout the world.  Sword ferns widely cultivated as ornamental  house plants, which also works to remove  gaseous toxins from the air.