Monday, August 10, 2009

Cerbera Manghas ( Sea Mango Tree)

Height : about 5 m (17ft)

Height : about 4 m (14ft)

Young tree, height : about 3 m (10ft)

Common name : Sea Mango.
Local names : ,Tanguin, Samanta, Tangena
Leva ,Toto , Vasa, Bintaro.
Family : Apocynaceae
Max-height : 12 m (40 ft)

Cerbera manghas  is a small evergreen coastal tree native to Seychelle Islands (in the Indian Ocean). It has been introduced to other tropical regions and  planted as both an shade and ornamental tree. Cerbera manghas  is a poisonous plant, the leaves or the fruits contain the potent cardiac glycoside cerberin (an alkaloid toxin related to digoxin) .

More pictures :

Young tree, height : 4-5 m (15 ft)