Friday, July 17, 2009

Bismarckia nobilis

actual height : 6 m ( 20 ft)
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actual height : 7 - 8m(25 ft)

Bismarckia nobilis, blue gray green

Bismarckia nobilis, green leaves

Common name : Bismarckia Palm.
Family : Arecaceae
Sub family :Coryphoideae
Genus : Bismarckia

Bismarckia nobilis is native to western and northern Madagascar, which grow in the plains of the central highlands. Bismarck Palms are grown throughout the tropics as well as subtropics. There are two forms of  Bismarck palms, silver gray and green. The green ones is  more cold sensitive and can damage at 32°F, while the silver gray form will tolerate up to 25° F.

The genus is named for the first chancellor of the German Empire Otto Van Bismarck and the epithet for its only species, Bismarckia nobilis, comes from Latin for 'noble'.