Saturday, February 6, 2010

Wahingtonia Filifera (California Fan Palm)

Common names : Desert Fan Palm, American Cotton palm, Arizona Fan Palm, or California Fan Palm
Family : Arecaceae.
Genus : Washingtonia

This palm is native to the desert oases of Central, southern and southwestern Arizona, southern Nevada, northwest Mexico and the inland deserts of Southern California.

Washingtonia filifera is very similar to Washingtonia Robusta. Without seeing up close will be hard to distinguish them. Generaly, Washingtonia filifera has more thicker trunk than Robusta, and grows up to 23 m/60 feet(exceptionally 30 m) in height, while Robusta has a slender trunk and can reach 100 feet in height .  Also Washingtonia filifera  more hardy than Robusta, and will survive at temperatures of -10 °C with minor damage, and the leaf colour more dull than Robusta.

Washingtonia filifera can live from 80 to 250 years or more. The genus name honors George Washington, the first President of the United States.