Sunday, July 19, 2009



Plumeria Rubra, height:  about 4-5 m ( 15 ft)

Plumeria Rubra, height: about 3.5 m (11 ft)

Plumeria Rubra, height: about 7 m (23 ft)

Plumeria Alba, height : about 2-3 m (9 ft)

Plumeria Obtusa, height : about 3 m (9 ft)

Common name : Frangipani
Local names : cacalloxochitl, kamboja, champa, huasu

Plumeiria Rubra, Alba  & Obtusa is a small deciduous tree (or shrub) native to tropical and subtropical Americas and South Asia . Plumeria Rubra has red or reddish flowers, while  Plumeria Obtusa and Plumeria Alba  has white  flowers with a yellow center.  Also there are many other variety of flower colors.